I was no longer bothered by heartburn and stomach pains

I began to buy this product (pine nut oil with resin) for myself and for my mother. I have gastritis, my mother has pancreatitis. This oil is a natural oil with pine resin. I took one tablespoon of the oil a day, did not drink any water in spite of its specific taste. It’s true that afterward there is a bit of an aftertaste, but it is pleasant and has a pine flavor. And yes, I noticed that, after taking the oil for three weeks, I was no longer bothered by heartburn and stomach pains. This course of treatment was sufficient to give me a year without gastritis. I did not follow any specific therapeutic diets. My mother also began to complain less about her pancreas. In general and on the whole, the oil proved to be very beneficial.

Dee Rowe, 40 Montreal Canada

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