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Unique Siberian Pine Nut Oil 17.5 fl. oz. (500 ml)

17.5 fl. oz. (500 ml)

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Unique Siberian Pine Nut Oil 17.5 fl. oz. (500 ml)
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100% Natural, Extra Virgin, Made From Wild Harvested Nuts, Cold Pressed, First Press Only.

Not refined. Not processed. Not deodorized. Does not contain preservatives, chemical colorants or additives.
This oil comes directly from the manufacturer. Enjoy best quality for best price!

Siberian pine nut oil is becoming more and more popular mainly due to its anti-inflammatory properties which could help repair, strengthen, and even protect your stomach and gastric lining. It has key therapeutic effects and several healing elements.

What is the Siberian Pine Nut Oil?

The Siberian pine nut oil is extracted from a Siberian pine tree edible seeds, which are rich in antioxidants. The tree, which is an evergreen, can reach heights of up to 40 meters and is native to the Eurasian region. It features long and blue-green needles along with reddish-brown bark. Additionally, it has a nice aroma and is even known for its antiseptic and cleansing properties. The oil, on the other hand, has a bright yellow appearance and a nice fresh aroma.

The oil is a 100% natural product which contains vitamins A and E, essential minerals, as well as linolenic and linoleic acids - two substances which can only be replenished through food. It also contains high levels of pinolenic acid which is vital for reducing unhealthy levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and blood sugar, thereby preventing and reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

What Does Pine Nut Oil Heal?

According to a number of studies, the Siberian pine nut oil is effective in dealing with gastritis, heartburn, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), peptic ulcers, and other gastrointestinal problems, thanks to its antioxidant-rich content. It’s also capable of fostering metabolic processes, boosting the immune system, and lowering oxidative stress brought on by inflammation-based stomach disorders.

To support its effectiveness, Siberian pine nut oil has gone through clinical testings that were conducted on several subjects at the Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Balneotherapy and Physiotherapy.

The tests involved individuals who were suffering from chronic erosive ulcers. Based on the results, 83% of the subjects were able to experience either a complete recovery or a major reduction in the size of their ulcer.

It was determined that the secret to the Siberian pine nut oil’s effectiveness lies in its main ingredient, Pinolenic acid. Various studies confirmed its effectiveness in dealing with digestive complications. It relieves various stomach problems including bloating, acid reflux, and more.

Aside from that, it also triggers and boosts the release of the hunger-suppressing hormone, cholecystokinin (CCK), by up to 60%. This hormone, which is vital to digestion, has a number of functions including the following:

  • Stimulate bile release to the intestines
  • Trigger the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut
  • Control appetite by slowing down gastric emptying
  • Help protect the stomach lining from inflammation

However, these aren’t the only benefits that the Siberian pine nut oil offers. In fact, it’s known for a number of health benefits including:

  1. Lowers blood pressure. A Russian study revealed that the oil is effective in lowering blood pressure, especially in people with benign hypertension. According to the results, not only did it lower their blood pressure, but it also returned their cholesterol levels to normal and helped them lose excess weight.
  2. Lowers cholesterol levels. The pinolenic acid found in the pine nut oil also helps lower cholesterol levels. This is possible by stimulating your liver to absorb more LDL to be broken down after.
  3. Promotes healthier skin. The oil’s high vitamin content is effective at maintaining the skin’s elasticity as well as reducing the risks of skin sagging. This is particularly beneficial for people living in cold, dry climates. It’s because the cold season has low moisture content which can result in flaky skin. Additionally, it is warming in nature, so applying it on the skin will provide you with extra protection from severe cold.
  4. Suppresses appetite. As mentioned earlier, pine nut oil stimulates the release of CCK which is responsible for appetite control. Therefore, it can induce appetite-suppressing effects on your body, giving you the feeling of fullness and even quell any of your cravings. In fact, a Dutch study for post-menopausal women found out that it is more effective than olive oil, coconut oil, and even Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in terms of appetite suppression.

How to Use Pine Nut Oil?

The Siberian pine nut oil has a lot of uses and, therefore, can be applied in several ways depending on its intended purpose. Here are some tips you might want to follow:

  1. For weight loss, you’ll have to take a teaspoon of pine nut oil 30 minutes before each meal. This period will let the oil’s active ingredients reduce your appetite. You might be able to experience noticeable results after a month of regular intake.
  2. To maintain and achieve healthy skin, consider applying the oil on your skin through light circular movements. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash it with warm water then dry using a towel.
  3. If you want to use it for healing digestive disorders, you can take one tablespoon of the oil before eating your meal three times a day.
  4. You can also apply it during bath time to treat certain skin conditions like neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Simply put a few drops of the oil into your bathtub. Make sure that your water is 1-2 degrees warmer than your body temperature.
  5. You can use the oil for cooking if you want to enjoy a healthy and balanced meal. Not only will it be good for your health, but it can also add a unique and amazing taste and aroma.


The Siberian pine nut oil is a natural product which is effective in dealing with various stomach and intestinal disorders. It also doesn’t induce any major side effects, except for an allergic reaction which can only happen if you are allergic to nuts. Thus, it’s best to always consult your doctor first before taking any alternative remedy.


I was inclined to be skeptical, but the result pleasantly surprised me

I began taking the oil for therapeutic purposes about a month ago. Initially, I was inclined to be skeptical, I did not believe that it would cope with stomach disorders any better than the usual medicines. But the result pleasantly surprised me; after a week my stomach pains stopped, my heartburn disappeared, and the bloating of my stomach ended. It can be taken even if one has diabetes, which is very important for me. I recommend this remedy to people with similar problems.


After two weeks I had practically gotten rid of the unpleasant symptoms

It’s been fifteen years since I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and for the past five years, I have been suffering from constant relapses. I almost had to have an operation. My friends advised to try pine nut oil. I decided that things couldn’t get any worse, and bought the product. As a result, after two weeks I had practically gotten rid of the unpleasant symptoms that accompanied my disorder. For the past six months, I don’t remember having any problems with digestion. I recommend this miracle substance to everyone who is personally familiar with similar problems.


The lack of side effects with the oil

Ever since I was young, I have suffered from gastrointestinal problems. Basically, the problem is provoked by constant stress. I have undergone treatment, but constantly taking medications is simply unrealistic. Sometimes I allow myself to eat what I want, but then I pay for it with the most severe pains in my stomach and intestine. Then I found a recommendation for treating this type of problem with pine nut oil. I took the oil for 2 months and had great improvement, and the most important thing for me was the lack of side effects with the oil. I still take pine nut oil for 2 months every 6 months for health maintenance.


Excellent remedy for maintaining your health

If any problems with taking pine nut oil occur, it means you have taken a counterfeit. You have to take ONLY cold-pressed oil, only then will it work. We have been buying pine nut oil with resin from ‘Siberian Pine Nut Oil’ company for about five years already, we regularly use it in food, and I see only benefits. For me, I had a result on the second day: I immediately felt relief. After the course of treatment, I completely forgot about constipation, stomach bloating, and stomach pains. I have a feeling of cheerfulness and energy, I even began to look younger, and my skin lost its grey color. Now I recommend it to all my friends; this is an excellent remedy for maintaining your health.


The oil lets me forget about medicine and strict diets

The oil is really tasty. It is felt that is made from natural ingredients like pine nuts. It is very difficult to find the pine resin for sale, at least genuine resin.  Maybe in Siberia it is sold on every street corner, but I have to order it from the Siberian Pine Nut Oil store. I suffer from severe heartburn, and the manufacturer provided assurances that the oil can assist in eliminating it. Indeed, the oil helps me cope with heartburn and enrich my food selection since I have to observe diets and avoid fatty food. The oil lets me forget about medicine and strict diets.


I see the results in my battle against my ulcer

Since 2015 I have been involved with natural methods of treatment, and over the course of many years have undergone training in dietology and phytotherapy. For a good number of years, I studied what could restore a person’s health, not simply maintain it or treat the person, but make a person completely healthy. I was especially interested in the influence of oil on the gastrointestinal tract because I had a stomach ulcer. I became acquainted with pine nut products in 2018, made a complete study of its chemical composition and all the research, and realized that this is a leader, this is an essential healer, that can replace a huge number of medications in a wide spectrum of diseases. Since 2018, I have been taking pine nut oil and pine nuts daily without fail, and I see the results in my battle against my ulcer. The symptoms have essentially decreased over the past year. I am 46 years old, I am glad that I found an alternative to expensive operations and drugs. Over the year of using the oil, I noticed that, as I take the oil,  my body is able to restore itself. This does not, of course, occur instantaneously, but there is clearly a cumulative effect.


Excellent for hand care

I apply cold-pressed pine nut oil to the skin of my hands and feet when I experience dryness or some other discomfort. Pine nut oil is also a great help in caring for nails and cuticles. I heard about the cosmetic properties of pine nut oil for the face as well, but it’s summer now, and I am wary about using these types of nutritional oils. I will say only that at different articles it’s said that the regular application of this oil is capable of making the skin smooth and elastic, which is not surprising, given that it has a high content of vitamin E. For the skin of my hands, this is truly an amazing product, it is excellent for hand care, it moistens and nourishes the skin. My skin feels very velvety and cared for, and the brittleness of my nails is at a minimum.


Wonderful for strengthening the nails and softening the cuticles

I use pine nut oil to moisten and nourish the skin of my face. I heat the oil slightly in some water, apply a small quantity by massaging it into the skin. Also, I like to use pine nut oil to moisten and nourish the skin on my hands, this is simply a godsend during the winter months! The oil is wonderful for strengthening the nails and softening the cuticles.


Unbelievably economical oil for hair

My favorite and unbelievably economical oil for hair! It’s great for smoothing my hair! I usually place several drops of the oil on dry or damp hair over its entire length, not pulling at the roots but paying special attention to the ends. I have frizzy and very porous hair, and five to seven drops — no more — is enough for all my hair! Usually, I separate my hair into fairly wide sections and apply one drop of oil to each section. I place the oil on my palm, spread it around, then apply it to my hair. Sometimes I put a few drops on a comb, then comb my hair. The oil is absorbed fairly quickly, in my case, in about 15 minutes. In general, the most important thing is not to use too much, so the hair won’t look greasy. For the first time, it is best to apply less and then judge for yourself.


This oil gives an especially good result with regard to male potency

I have known about the benefits of pine nut oil for a long time, and I take it regularly because I realized that it is one of the few natural products that provides so much strength and energy, which is just great! I take it before eating, three times a day. Why before eating? So the body will absorb all the nutrients of this oil and only it; superfluous chemical compounds can hinder the effectiveness of absorbing nutrients in the blood, therefore it is necessary to take the oil first, and sometime later you can have your usual meal. I do this every day and feel hale and hearty, I always have energy, and generally, the state of my health is much better, this oil also gives an especially good result with regard to male potency. I tested everything personally, and was very satisfied!


The result: my hair was noticeably better

My hair was dyed ombré style, with bright highlights toward the ends, and two weeks ago at a hairdresser’s, I had the blond color evened out throughout its length. I came out of the salon looking like a queen, but literally after the first wash the sight was pathetic: my hair had really suffered and needed first aid. I treated it not only with masks, but 30 minutes before getting into the shower, I applied pine nut oil over the entire length of my hair, put my hair into a bun, and did whatever I needed to do. After 30 minutes, I washed it out of my hair. The result: my hair was noticeably better, it became soft and smooth.


The oil has moistened my hair and has repaired my split ends

I use pine nut oil to treat my split ends. Because my hair tends to be greasy, I can’t yet bring myself to use it in its pure form, but use it as a supplement to a mask and balsam for my hair. For my hair, which is fairly dry at the ends, I personally add five to six drops to a mask and a balsam, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise, my hair becomes greasy and clumps together. The oil has moistened my hair and has repaired my split ends.


The cheap oils are no comparison

For me, this is the number one remedy for good health. I have been using it for more than ten years. I take it internally in autumn and spring, one bottle per course of treatment. I take it to prevent diseases and as a source of vitamins, and it is simply delicious. By the way, it should be taken with a wooden or plastic spoon, never with metal, otherwise the wholesome properties of the oil are lost because of the process of oxidation. You can even sip the oil from the bottle. I have compared the pine nut oil from Siberian Pine Nut Oil with other manufacturers (looking for a cheaper option), but in general, the cheap oils are no comparison. It is better to buy and use regular oil than the cheaper one. Buy the way, I even bought cold-pressed oil from acquaintances, they make it themselves on a wooden press. But the nuts are store-bought. This, however, is oil from the Siberian pine nut. Apparently, this makes a big difference. The aroma is simply incredible. And the taste is delicate, warm, and soft. I took oil during my entire pregnancy because it is a source of group B vitamins, and they are important during this period. My hair during this period did not fall out at all. There was no particular toxicosis. Overall, I felt good. I think that it was thanks to the pine nut oil. This product helped cure my friend’s stomach ulcer.


Simply liquid gold for my hair

I have thin, dry, and very frizzy hair, which requires special care. I constantly moisten and nourish my hair with natural masks; I really like hair masks, since they do a wonderful job of moistening and nourishing the hair, and help prevent the appearance of split ends, which is a big problem, especially for those who dream of growing long, healthy hair, myself included. And pine nut oil is my new wonderful helper in caring for my hair — it is simply liquid gold. I slightly warm up a bit of oil in some water, apply it to my scalp, massage it in, then distribute it over the entire length of my hair, paying special attention to the ends, since they require special nutrition and moistening. I put my hair into a loose braid and leave it for one to two hours. Sometimes, if time permits, I leave it for five to six hours.


Recommend to grow long and healthy hair

I apply pine nut oil to the roots of my hair or use it together with a hair mask. My hair becomes soft, shiny, and flowing, it is much easier to comb! The oil has made a very favorable impression. I recommend it to everyone who is trying to grow long and healthy hair.


My ulcers have completely disappeared

After using your product for about a month I am very pleased to inform you that my ulcers have completely disappeared. At first, I did not believe that it could be possible. I went to my GP and asked him to do a complete checkup. He was astonished. He informed me that there was no trace of an ulcer whatsoever. I gave the rest of the medicine to a friend who, after using the medicine for only a week, reported no more pain in her abdomen. Thank you for this miracle cure. By the way, if you do not already have agents in South Africa, I would really like to become one. Really.


My hair stopped falling out!

I apply the oil to the roots of my hair in its pure form. I keep it there as long as time permits. Sometimes this comes to six hours. I don’t know whether the oil has helped, or whether my hair has stopped falling out after my hormonal balance was restored (I know that after childbirth, hair falls out for many persons, but this problem passes with time), BUT my hair stopped falling out! This makes me terribly happy! Now there is three times less hair in my comb. Some new hair has appeared on my forehead. I will keep using the oil!


My hair shines and has stopped falling out

After using pine nut oil, my hair shines and has stopped falling out! I tried applying it to the roots before washing — it works. I also tried to add a few drops to my shampoo. That works as well, but my hair gets dirty faster. Then I began to apply a couple of drops of oil on the ends after I dried my hair with a hairdryer. The ends become manageable, and the frizziness disappears.


Magical effects of pine nut oil

Pine nut oil is very easily digested. I have used it to garnish many salads and have even taken it by spoon. I have noticed that its health effects are striking. The oil has a pleasant pine flavor. It seems like you’re drinking liquid Siberian sunshine. It is very delicate and has the aroma of nuts. It is easy to drink, can be tasted in a salad, and enhances the taste of kasha. After even the first day of using the oil in food, I noticed a beneficial influence on my skin, after a week my hair became more silky, nourished, and flowing, and my lips did not dry out as quickly. I also feel that my body is really satiated: essential substances are being replenished, regeneration occurs faster, my face is becoming younger, my muscles are smoother, antioxidants are spreading throughout my body, and my skin absorbs moisturizing creams better. I could continue this list of the magical effects of pine nut oil on the body for a long time. I wish everyone health and success.


I recommend you this wonderful oil

The effect on the hair is simply amazing! They are saturated and moisturized, crumbly, easy to comb, smooth and shiny. Pine nut oil perfectly suited me, copes with its task, I will use it again and again. Of course, I recommend that you try this wonderful oil, I’m sure you will be satisfied!


I really like the taste of pine nut oil!

I really like the taste of pine nut oil! It is so rich and nutty that even a small amount of this oil is enough to feel the delicious taste of genuine fresh pine nuts in your mouth. When salads are seasoned with pine nut oil, they acquire a unique charm and taste.


I am simply delighted!

I have been using pine nut oil for a month and a half, and over that time have personally experienced all its delights! For a hair mask, I used five drops, and to massage it into the scalp, I used about 15 drops. I apply the mask to my hair when it is still wet after washing, and its smoothing effect lasts until the next wash! The aroma of the mask is great — the aroma of a fresh pine tree and fresh pine nuts. I am simply delighted!


I'm very impressed with the quality of your product

I had been on drugs (Amoxicillin and Prilosec) for my ulcer and gastritis for three weeks with little improvement. No doubt my stressful life didn't help. I'm a self-employed CPA, CISA, CITP and JD, likely long overdue for an ulcer. With all the alphabets go a lot of responsibility and a grueling work schedule. The pain and side effects from the drugs did not improve until I took my first sip of your oil. I honestly felt better IMMEDIATELY; it was noticeable by the end of the first day. I thought maybe you guys made up the testimonials on your website, but I was desperate enough to try anything. I sure am glad that I did. Thanks for providing all the information about ulcer and gastritis on your website, it was invaluable. I plan to take the pine nut oil every day, even after I am well, although not as many times per day. I'm very impressed with the quality of your product and the professionalism your organization has displayed in every one of your communications. If you ever decide to advertise, I would do a commercial for you for nothing.


I want to thank Siberian for this miracle product

I have just placed my second order for Siberian pine nut oil because it is a miracle product. I ordered the product a month ago after doing research on the net for my father who lost 21 pounds from massive gastrointestinal problems. I pre-diagnosed him before his endoscopy, and he started taking the oil a week before his endoscopy. He was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and gastritis. Remarkably, after only taking pine nut oil for one week, they also found a healing ulcer. The doctor couldn't believe it. I am so happy to have found this product because my father was unable to eat due to extreme nausea, chronic belching, stomach pain, and lightheadedness. He is now on the road to almost a full recovery and is eating again. I want to thank Siberian for this miracle product and for answering our prayers. You saved his life! I am now spreading the word and want to share my story with everyone who is in need of a product that will answer their prayers as well.

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