I see the results in my battle against my ulcer

Since 2015 I have been involved with natural methods of treatment, and over the course of many years have undergone training in dietology and phytotherapy. For a good number of years, I studied what could restore a person’s health, not simply maintain it or treat the person, but make a person completely healthy. I was especially interested in the influence of oil on the gastrointestinal tract because I had a stomach ulcer. I became acquainted with pine nut products in 2018, made a complete study of its chemical composition and all the research, and realized that this is a leader, this is an essential healer, that can replace a huge number of medications in a wide spectrum of diseases. Since 2018, I have been taking pine nut oil and pine nuts daily without fail, and I see the results in my battle against my ulcer. The symptoms have essentially decreased over the past year. I am 46 years old, I am glad that I found an alternative to expensive operations and drugs. Over the year of using the oil, I noticed that, as I take the oil,  my body is able to restore itself. This does not, of course, occur instantaneously, but there is clearly a cumulative effect.

Augustine Mays, 53 Boise City, ID, United States

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